Strong Monday (1-29-18)


This weekend I witnessed a sweet moment between my children. I heard Lucy reading out loud. I peeked in the room to see her and Jackson curled up on our big chair. Lucy was reading “What to Do With an Idea” and “What to Do With a Problem” (great children’s picture books that everyone should read) our loud to Jackson.

This brought tears to my eyes for several reasons. One, my kids were doing something together other than arguing. Two, they were snuggled close together. Three, Lucy was providing a loving service to Jackson. And finally, Jackson, the older brother, was accepting that service.

This might seem like an “ahh, that’s sweet moment” to most but for me it was an incredible moment. I’ve mentioned before how Jackson has dyslexia. That kid is brilliant and loves to learn but school is hard. He works three times as hard to read and write and it’s exhausting. Watching a simple thing like one child reading to the other is huge. It shows a great deal of compassion on Lucy’s part and an incredible amount of humility on Jackson’s.

I learned something from Jackson that day. I watched him own his problem and put his pride aside for something bigger.

It made me think about the problems and challenges in my life that I hide and refuse to ask or accept help for. How much better would my life be if I could be like Jackson and say, “This is my struggle. I’m not going to let it own me and I’m not going to be ashamed of it. I’m going to face it and ask for help when I need it. I’m not going to let it get in my way.” I think I might try it.

Well, my friends, please have a lovely day and a great week. Instead of hiding let’s take ownership and do something great.




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