Monday Morning (1-15-18)

Hi there,

How are ya? I am wishing today wasn’t a holiday. Last week my kids went back to school after Christmas break only to have a four day school week. They had Friday off as well as today. I’m a little tired of all these days off school. Well, maybe I’m more tired of myself and I’m taking it out on my kids. I’ve been going through the ups and downs lately. A lot.

It’s nothing new to me, I deal with this daily but it’s been a little incessant the last little while. It’s frustrating and exhausting. I had it really bad just a couple of weeks ago. I saw my doctor and adjusted my meds and felt pretty good. And then Saturday night I started to feel the downward pull. And today I just want to go back to bed.

One of the goals I set for the new year was that I was going to do my daily to do list no matter how I feel. You know, stuff like “make my bed, do the dishes, make dinner”. Some days it takes all I have just to do the essentials. But I made a goal to do those essentials no matter what. Here’s my first test.

How do you get through those down days? What do you do to “push through”?

I have homework and kids calling my name. Thank you for listening to me. Writing these emails does me a world of good.

I hope you know how needed you are.




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