Merry Christmas Monday (12-25-17)

Merry Christmas!

I write stories for my children, Harrison, Jackson, Lucy and Calvin. It started out as Harry, Jack and Lu. When Calvin was born last year I added Baby Blue (his nickname was Blueberry before he was born). Last year I wrote a story hoping to give it to my kids for Christmas. I didn’t finish in time so I am giving it to them this year. Because I love you I am sharing with you also. I hope you enjoy this gift. 

Love and Merry Christmas,


Harry, Jack and Lu Christmas with Baby Blue

Harry, Jack and Lu, it’s our first Christmas with Baby Blue.

Christmas is always a special time to spend with this family of mine.

I know what you mean. I love waiting to see what Santa will bring!

Ooh, I like that too. I can’t wait to see what Santa will give to Baby Blue.

I like all the decorations, singing and treats. With so many Christmas parties there’s always lots to eat.

Receiving gifts sure are fun and the house is so pretty when the decorating is done.

Candy, treats and sweets can also be exciting. But there is something most important we are forgetting. 

Is it the story of Jesus’ birth and how He came to teach us here on earth?

That’s exactly what it is. We celebrate His birth by the gifts we give.

How can we teach Baby Blue about Jesus’ love for me and you?

Hmmm…The first thing he should know  is about the Christmas tree with it’s lights all aglow.

And why is that, Jack?

Christmas trees are evergreen. Knowledge of eternal life is what they bring. 

And the twinkling lights on our tree make it beautiful for all to see.

Just as we look at Christmas lights, shepherds in the field saw the new star that night.

The new star in the heavens also showed wise men the way, their gifts to bestow.

That’s right, Harry. What were the gifts the wisemen did carry? 

Gold, frankincense and myrrh the wise men did bring. We too give gifts to honor our King.

Did you know that candy canes are like a shepherd’s staff with a crook on top to bring the lost sheep back.

Lu, how is that important to you?

Jesus is the Good Shepherd, so loving and kind, we are the wandering sheep He searches to find. 

The sheep and donkey ate their hay in a stable, like a barn, for animals to stay.

A kind innkeeper let Mary and Joseph rest in his stable, it was the only room left.

That is where our Savior was born and laid in a manger to keep Him warm.

The night of His birth the angels rejoiced with song. Now we have carols so we too can sing along.

Mom, can you tell us why the angels did sing, the shepherds came and wisemen called Him King?

Because Jesus was born and lived a perfect life. He redeemed us all from sorrow and strife.

As a grown man He died on the cross but lives again because of His love for us.

Mary is His mother and Joseph His earthly father. Jesus, the Son of God, is also our heavenly brother.

By keeping His commandments and staying faithful to Him we can return to live with Heavenly Father again.

The night of our Savior’s birth was sacred and holy. That is why we tell His Christmas story.

So, Baby Blue, we share this Christmas story with you.


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