Glimpses on Monday (12-18-17)

Happy Monday friends!
My boy Harrison spoke in church yesterday. His topic was being a good friend. He did a fabulous job. He had a few rough moments preparing his talk but he pulled through and spoke beautifully. He was nervous. He looked overwhelmed when he stood up in front of everyone but he took a deep breath and rocked it. One of the things that made his talk so meaningful was that it wasn’t a talk full of good intentions, this boy truly is a good friend to all. He has a heart of gold. 
Something amazing happened to me while Harrison was speaking. I was given a glimpse. Let me try to explain. Harrison has been diagnosed with ADHD and autism. When he was first diagnosed I wasn’t sure what his life was going to look like. Would he be able to hold a job and have a family? Would he ever make friends? What was going to happen to this sweet child of mine? One day I was getting ready for the day, sitting in front of the mirror putting on makeup thinking these thoughts. All of a sudden I had a glimpse. The tiniest glimmer of sight. And in that split moment I saw Harrison. Grown and happy and good. I was given the tiniest little glimpse into Harrison’s life and saw that he was going to be just fine. In fact, he was going to thrive. 

Yesterday I was given the opportunity of expanding that glimpse. While Harrison spoke yesterday I saw him as my grown son. A man. A strong, confident, capable, happy, healthy, loving, kind man. This was more than the tiniest fraction of a glimmer into his life. I saw my child as an adult standing in front of me speaking with confidence. That boy of mine is going to do wonders. And I saw it. 

What a blessing I have been given. Sweet boy Harrison is pure and wonderful and I am his mother. To top that off I was given the gift of seeing him all grown up. Seeing him thrive in this world. My heart is full. What more could a mother ask for than to see her children this way? 

Sometimes I worry. I wonder what will happen to my children and I worry. But I have something to fall back on. Something big. I saw my boy all grown up. I saw him conquering and overcoming. I saw him full of love and kindness. I don’t need to worry. I need to trust and look forward. My boy is going to be just fine. He is going to be more than just fine, he’s going to make good things happen. I am so blessed to have him and to have been given a glimpse of his life. 

Even though I have not been given a glimpse into your life I am confident that there are good things to come for you as well. And for me. 

Have a happy Monday and a wonderful week. 




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