Sharing Monday (11-27-2017)

Happy Monday. Thanksgiving is over now it’s on to Christmas. I’m actually excited for Christmas this year. I’m usually very bah humbug to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m not sure what has changed this year but so far I’m feeling pretty good and non-bah humbugish. I’m looking forward to the holiday traditions I do with my family. I’m going to start us off tonight with making peppermint milkshakes. What are some of your traditions? What are the things you look forward to the most? Do you have any traditions that center around service? I’m looking for some good ideas. 

My favorite Christmases have been when I have done something for someone. When I taught preschool we made teddy bears and took them to the fire station for the firefighters to give away on their calls. 

My kids and I like to fill a gallon size ziplock bag with water, snacks, a chocolate bar, and things like Chapstick or a toothbrush. We keep the bags in my car and when we someone in need we give them one. One time we did this Harrison added one of his books with a note. He loves to read and really wanted that person to have the opportunity to read also. 

This year my family has committed to do one kind thing a day starting December 1st, this Friday, they Christmas. I hope it goes well. I hope my children catch the desire to give. And I hope my heart will be softened and I will stop the bah humbug feelings completely. 

Have a wonderful week and please share your traditions with me. 




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