Birthday Mom Monday (11-6-17)

One Sunday at church when I was in high school I took my baby niece to Sunday school with me. I was appalled when I realized her diaper had leaked and I found a large wet spot on my skirt. I frantically found my mom to tell her what happened. I was ready and expecting her to either drive me home or take the baby and give me the car keys so I could go home and change. Instead she barely reacted. She nonchalantly said that happens and sent me back to class. That was one of the best lessons I was ever taught about being a mother, on so many levels. 

I have learned a lot from my mom. How to sew, not to gossip, to work hard, to be kind, to create, to give. 

Today is my mom’s birthday and I just want to take a moment and acknowledge how thankful I am for her. 

We all have mothers and women in our lives who have made us who we are. Take a moment today and thank them. 




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