Happy Camping Monday (8-4-17)

Hello!We took advantage of the long weekend and took our family up north for some camping and cooler weather. When I say “camping” what I really mean is “trailering”. We really don’t camp we sleep, cook, shower and do everything else in our trailer. It might not be real tent camping but man it’s nice to have a comfy bed at night and a somewhat real toilet. With those luxuries comes the mishaps. And we had plenty on this trip. We blew two tires on our way up, caught a screw in a third and when replacing one of the other three realized a fourth was about to blow. And there was more. One of these things would have me throw my hands up and want to quit. But not my husband. He takes it all in stride. Calm as can be. Just fixes what needs to be fixed and works when he needs to work. To top it off he’s cracking jokes the entire time. It’s something I truly admire about him. And I can learn so much from him. I don’t need to cry when something doesn’t go as planned, just fix it and move on. And maybe throw in a joke or two. 
So, here’s to taking things in stride. To not letting things get to me. To dealing and moving on with whatever comes up. 
Happy Labor Day. 


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