Enough Monday (8-21-17)

Good morning,

How are you today my friends? Hopefully great. And if not great then at least well. 
Do you ever feel like you aren’t doing enough? Like all your efforts just aren’t measuring up? I often feel like this. My house just isn’t clean enough. My family isn’t eating healthy enough. I’m not teaching my children enough. My husband doesn’t get enough of my time. I don’t have enough time in the day. I’m just not doing enough. Can you relate?

Recently I was praying to know what Heavenly Father would like me to do. Who I could help, who I can show love and kindness to, also, to be a better person. To know how I can do more. How can I be enough of. I was prepared to feel a prompting to help someone, do something or change someway. Instead, the thoughts that came to my mind were the opposite. 

“Keep doing what you are doing. You’re family needs you. They need what you are doing. Don’t stop. Keep going, keep working and improvement will come.”

I felt, for the first time, that my efforts were enough. My family is getting enough of my time. I am teaching my children enough of what they need to succeed. I am helping others enough. My efforts are enough to do good in this world and in my life. 

Do you remember the time I wrote about being worthy? That we often don’t feel worthy of receiving love, of being happy, of achieving our dreams. I think this goes hand in hand with being enough. I am not only worthy of love but I need to stop worrying because I am also doing enough to show my family love. 

This is hard for me to accept. I can acknowledge and it empowers me to think that I am worthy. But then I think, if I am worthy enough to be loved or to achieve my dreams then I am able to and need to work harder to receive those things. I am worthy of working to be enough. But in reality I am enough. I am doing enough to be worthy. I am worthy. I am enough. 

I want you to know that you are enough. You are doing enough. We are going to do and are doing great things because we are enough. 

You, my friend, are doing amazing things. You are enough. 



One thought on “Enough Monday (8-21-17)

  1. This is something I have struggled with for a very long time. Not feeling “enough”. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so when I don’t get things “just right” or I’m criticized for not doing enough, it’s a huge blow to my self esteem, and I tend to give up. I don’t feel I’m a good house-wife for that reason. The feeling of being enough comes and goes but the knowledge of being worthy of Gods gifts is something that has stuck. So marrying the two is something I need to work on.

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