Back to School Monday (8-7-17)

Good morning friends,

My kids start school today. I’m excited and nervous for them. They are smart and capable, I know they can do hard things. They just have to learn that. 
I think I’m nervous and excited for myself too. I’m excited to do some of the things I haven’t been able to this summer with the kids constantly at home. I’m nervous about keeping things running smoothly. 

Being in a new house it’s easy to make and keep things clean and organized and to make promises of keeping things clean and organized. But in reality I probably won’t be able to do it. I’m trying to be ok with that. And to be ok that my plans, routines and goals might not be reached. Truthfully and if I’m being honest with myself they probably won’t. I’m trying to be ok with that too and to roll with the punches, to make changes and adjustments as I go. 

That is also what I’m hoping my kids will be able to do. Roll with the punches. Make changes and adjustments as they go. I am smart and capable. They are smart and capable. If we can learn together and learn to work together we can totally succeed. And by success I mean long term success. We are going to fail at times so we need to be learning from our many failures. I think that’s where I get stuck. I failed once so I’m a failure. Not true. I just have to make changes and adjustments and jump back at it. So much easier said than done. And so much easier to help my kids do that than it is to help myself do it. 

What do you do to keep yourself going through the little failures? How do you help yourself make changes and adjustments? What are some, or were some, of your back to school traditions? Will you help me in my commitment to roll with the punches, to change and make adjustments instead of dwelling on failing? 

Well, here’s to a new school year! Hang in there. It can be a long year but we can make it a good year. 



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