Keep keeping on Monday (7-24-17)

Hi friends!I used to own an SUV that was super convenient for driving around lots of kids. I taught preschool and did a lot of field trips and kid swapping with other moms so those extra seats were really handy, until they broke. There was a little rubber piece that helped latch the rear seats to the car. These seats were always going up and down depending on if I was doing a Costco run and needed more storage space or if I was hauling kids and needed more seating. Well, this stinkin little piece of rubber broke on both seats in the very back and for the life of me I could not get those seats to latch which left them completely unusable. For months I tried to fix those seats. I used glue, screws, my own sheer force. I tried to buy new little rubber pieces but they only sold the entire seat which was $300 per seat. So I tried glue, screws and my own sheer force again. Nothing worked. Finally a day came when I needed those back seats. Preschool got out at 3:00 and kindergarten got out at 3:10. I had to take a little boy home from preschool and I was watching another friend’s son after school. There was no way I could take my preschool student home before picking up my son and my friends son from school. I needed those extra seats. And I was stressing over it. The night before the big kid swap I spent over an hour pushing and shoving those seats but no matter what I did I could not get them locked into place. I was sweaty and frustrated and decided to just go to bed and try again in the morning. I woke up early and went out to my car. I climbed in the back and said a quick prayer. “I need help. Now. I need these seats to work. My friends are counting on me and I need to keep their children safe. Please help me.” I opened my eyes and hesitantly went through the same steps of latching the seats that I had already done a hundred times without success. Miraculously, this time it worked. It only took one try to get those seats latched and usable. Let me tell you, I never unlatched them again. I was convinced it was a one shot miracle and if I flipped them up I would never get them down again. My day went smoothly. I got all kids where they needed to be without any problems and now I have a little reminder that prayer works. 

Yesterday my family got home from our ten day road trip. We drove up to San Fran and down to Santa Monica and back to Phoenix. There were seven of us, my family of 6 plus my husband’s 15 year old sister, in our cute little Ford Flex. We had a luggage carrier on the roof, we were filled to overflowing and we had a great time. I’m really so pleased with how amazing my kids were, especially the baby. We didn’t have any problems with our car or anything. I did get car sick driving to see the red woods but for me getting sick only once is quite an accomplishment. But now we are home and I don’t want to be here. Not only do I have piles of luggage and laundry to wash, clean, sort, fold and put away I also have piles of boxes all over my house, some full and some needing to be filled.  We are moving on Saturday. I’m excited about the house we are moving into but feeling a little depressed about getting there. I really don’t need any physical help there isn’t much I can pass off. I’m just tired and unmotivated. 

I read a scripture that said, “ask and it shall be given unto you.” I’m remembering the time I asked for the back seats of my car to be fixed and they were. So, I’m going to take a nap and when I wake up I’m going to say a prayer. I’m going to say, ” I need help. Now. I need to get my house packed up. My family is counting on me and my friends are coming to move us on Saturday but I need to get us ready. Please help me.” And I’m going to remember that one time after all I could do I finally asked for help and I got it. In the scheme of things my “help me now’s” are so insignificant. But isn’t it the small things that build up to make big things? So my small prayer to help my car has turned to a bigger prayer to help my house. Maybe one day I’ll remember this and it will help me get through something else. But until then, my friends, know that I love you. You are constantly in my thoughts and heart and prayers. Please know that you are not alone. You are amazing with something only you can do. Just keep on keeping on. And I will too. 




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