Monday Changes (7-17-17)

Hello friends,

I am out of town road trippin’ it with my family. I saw this mural in San Fransisco and really loved it. 

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

I’ve heard this quote before but seeing it painted on a huge wall in the middle of a busy city made it seem more powerful. It made me stop and think. If I want to see change I have to make changes in myself. 

Lately I have learned some of the many changes I need to make. Every one of these changes started with me seeing the fallacies of others. After I tried to figure out how to change others I realized that I need the change just as much if not more. And so I am trying. I see something that the world needs to do better and I see that I am part of the world and I need to do better. I need to change. I need to be the change. 
I hope I can change. I hope I can be the change. I hope you know I love you and care about you. 



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