Aaaaaaaahhh Monday! (6-26-17)

Aaaaaahhhh! Seriously?! I have to move. Again! 

Two years ago we bought an acre lot and decided to build a new home. As soon as possible we put our house on the market and started working with an architect. Our house wasn’t selling so we took it off the market and redid all the flooring. We made more changes and put it on the market again. A year went by and our house still hadn’t sold, we had to fire our architect and I was only months (really weeks) away from having a baby. So we decided to move out of our house in hopes of it selling quicker and to get settled before the baby came and the kids started school. 
It has now been two years since we bought our lot. Our house finally sold, seven months after moving out of it, and we have a new architect. But now our lease is up on our rental house and although we contacted the owner back in April about extending our lease we found out for sure on Friday that he is selling and we have to be out by the end of July. Aaaaaaahhhhh! 

Life just isn’t going as planned. That’s ok. Things will work out. It will all be ok. I feel like we are doing everything we are supposed to be doing but nothing is happening on our timeline. I know there is a better plan than we can imagine, I just have to get there. My question is how? How do we get there? What do we do next? Aaaahh! 

Life is crazy and frustrating and awesome and terrible and hard and wonderful and miserable and crazy. I’m always amazed when I look back and see just how things worked out, why something happened or why something didn’t. I know it will be the same in a few years. Until then I’ll go pack a box or two and maybe cry a little and I’ll just keep reminding myself that it will all work out. 




2 thoughts on “Aaaaaaaahhh Monday! (6-26-17)

  1. I am so sorry to hear of this really long struggle, Kendra! You have an amazing attitude despite your frustration. You are my hero and you will get through this. Just remember to share with all of your sisters at church when your new home is all built and beautiful how you can now see the blessings along the way.


  2. Oh Kendra, you are so sweet and caring. I hate seeing you so sad and frustrated. I wish I could help. I do know there’s a lot of rentals available in Verrado right now. Maybe you’ll be able to find one easier since it’s the slow season. Praying for you.. . .


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