Hello on Thursday 

I’m sending a not so typical email because today I am celebrating (as I often do) some silly holidays.
National tell a story day, Pay it forward day and Thank you Thursday
I want to thank you for your support and kind words and pay my appreciation forward by telling a story.

I like to write stories. I write them for my kids. Recently I challenged my kids to write a story. They chose the topic of super heroes then asked if I was writing one also. I agreed and chose to write about Jackson’s hamster that he worked very hard in school to earn as a class pet that we take care of on the weekends and over summer break. I am, even though it makes me so very uncomfortable, going to share that story with you. 
“Dreams do not work unless you do” and my dream is to send you my love and to share my writing. So, here it goes. Happy National tell a story day, Pay it forward day and Thank you Thursday.

Super Gidget

Gidget is a small hamster. She looks like a little ball of gray fluff. Her eyes are big and she has a curious nose. Her whiskers twitch as her nose sniffs and pokes and explores. Gidget has four children. Harrison is the oldest. He has lots of thick dark hair and wears glasses to help him see all the books that he loves to read. Jackson, the one who teases and makes jokes, comes next. His sandy blond hair would have wavy curls if his parents didn’t make him cut it all the time. Jackson hates haircuts. Blond hair, blue eyed Lucy is the only girl in the family. She can create and build anything she imagines. Calvin is the baby. With light hair and dark blue eyes this chubby baby is always happy. 

Gidget is happy too. She loves her little home with its igloo shaped house that is just the right size for napping or eating the treats she keeps hidden in her cheeks. She loves running on her wheel. And she loves her children. They have gotten quite good at taking care of her. Giving her fresh water, cleaning her cage and stroking her silky fur. Her children might be human and Gidget is definitely a hamster but she loves them anyway. And she will do anything to protect them.

Gidget is serious about safety. She means business when it comes to taking care of her kids and the world. It is her business. Gidget is a full time, first rate and highly accomplished superhero. Don’t let her size fool you. She’s the real deal. She has a cape, a mask and even a sidekick, Barkley. Barkley has black curly hair that he wears in a mohawk. He is the family’s pet standard poodle and Gidget’s right hand man, errr dog. 

Gidget didn’t always know she was a super hero. It all started one standard Saturday afternoon.

“Come on kids! Calvin’s in his car seat. Dad has his keys. It’s time to go to Grandma’s”. Lucy, Harrison and Jackson had been enjoying some time off school and chores and were playing on their iPads. As soon as they heard “Grandma’s” they jumped up and raced to the car. 

“Bye Gidget,” Jackson called before the door closed behind him. Gidget peeked out of her little igloo house to wiggle her nose goodbye. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Lucy’s iPad, perched precariously on the edge of the couch, start to fall. As fast as lightning during an Arizona storm Gidget did something unexpected. She squeezed through her cage, raced for the falling iPad and caught it just before crashing to the ground. 
When Gidget realized she was standing on the family room floor holding Lucy’s iPad above her head she immediately felt concerned about being out of her safe, comfortable cage. Before she could blink she was back where she started, in her little igloo house. She looked around and saw the iPad in the pink case lying safely on the couch. 

“What just happened?” Gidget said out loud. Barkley, who had wanted to eat Gidget when she first came to live with the family but soon decided she would be a better friend than a snack, looked at her in astonishment. 

“Gidget, how did you do that?”

“I’m don’t exactly know. Actually, I’m not really sure what happened.”
Playful Barkley acted out the exciting scene of Gidget squeezing through the bars of her cage and suddenly appearing under the falling iPad, stopping it from crashing on the ground, placing it carefully on the couch and retracing her steps back to her cage. Gidget watched in wonderment.  

“How can that be?” Gidget questioned. “Why was I able to do such a daring thing?”

The two friends talked and shared ideas about Gidget’s unbelievable feat and how it had happened until their family came home later that evening. As soon as the family walked through the door Barkley ran to jump on everyone in greeting and Gidget went to run on her wheel. 
Her wheel always made her feel better. It was the perfect place to think and Gidget had a lot of thinking to do. As she turned the wheel round and round she replayed in her mind the scene of how she had magically saved Lucy’s iPad from inevitably breaking. She thought of the long conversation she and Barkley had shared. It felt like a dream but her loyal friend reassured her it was definitely not. 

“It’s like you were some kind of super hamster, appearing out of nowhere to save the day,” observed Barkley. 
“Oh, I’m not a super hamster, I’m not a super anything. I’m just a little gray ball of fluff who loves her kids more than anything.”

“Don’t say that Gidget. You most certainly are super! You have a super love for your family. You’re super patient with all the silly things I do. And you’re the best friend I ever had, well, next to the kids. This just proves it to the world.”

“To the world?” Gidget exclaimed in shock. “No one saw it but you and me and it was hardly noteworthy.”

“I disagree,” said Barkley. “What you did was amazing, incredible, definitely super. You have a gift, a talent that needs to be shared.”

Gidget didn’t feel so sure about that. She didn’t feel so sure about herself anymore. Gidget ran and ran on her wheel. The faster she ran the faster the thoughts came tumbling out until she finally collapsed, falling asleep right there on her still spinning wheel.
While Gidget slept she saw herself dressed in a bright red cape with a large golden “G” shining in the center. She felt herself flying through the sky, the wind in her fur, searching for catastrophes about to happen. She listened for cries of help. She sniffed out trouble.

The next morning Gidget woke to the soft sounds of Jackson asking how she slept while he gave her her breakfast. 

“You silly Gidget. When I went to bed last night you were sleeping in your wheel and this morning you are still there. That’s what I love about you Gidget, you always make me smile.” And he reached in to stroke her silky fur.

Although Gidget slept in an uncomfortable position that night she woke feeling surprisingly rested. Her mind was calm and she was no longer troubled by the events of the previous day. She wasn’t quite sure why. Maybe what had happened had just happened and there was no explaining. Or maybe her dream was a premonition of things to come. Whatever it was Gidget felt good about herself. Although she still had one question, if she had acted lightning fast, in the blink of an eye, how had Barkley been able to see it all and in such detail?

Over the next few days Gidget and Barkley had little time to discuss the events of that not so standard Saturday. Life had gotten busy for their little family. Between Lucy’s first ever cheer competition, Jackson’s pinewood derby for Scouts, and the boy’s upcoming Fathers and sons campout everyone seemed to be full of excitement and rushed here and there. The two furry friends couldn’t help but participate in the excitement leaving them no time to talk. Pretty soon Gidget’s act of wonder became a distant memory. Until the day Mom became so busy with rushing here and there, doing this and that, trying to plan, organize and execute everything she had to do. Mom almost stepped on baby Calvin’s tiny hand as he crawled determinedly toward the pile of laundry she was trying to fold. Without realizing it Calvin had moved only inches away from being, literally, under foot. Super Gidget struck again.This time neither Gidget nor Barkley could deny what happened. 

Gidget had been lounging in the corner of her cage curled up comfortably in a pile of bedding when she sensed something was wrong. Without thinking or even knowing what she was doing, Gidget acted. Through her cage, over to save baby Calvin and back in the blink of an eye. She effortlessly moved her sweet baby from having his fingers crushed. Not one person noticed but Barkley had seen every detail.

With one look Super Gidget and her trusty sidekick, Barkley, became a team.

Barkley and Gidget realized they could sense what the other was thinking. No wonder they were such good friends. Gidget had cat like reflexes. She could sense danger before it happened. And she could appear where she needed to be without being noticed by the human eye, or any eye, other than Barkley’s. Not to mention her incredible strength. And Barkley. Barkley could anticipate Gidget’s moves, seeing her in action when no one else could.

And so it began. A team, a super team. Hamster and dog. Dog and hamster. Working together to save their kids… and the world.
(Sign and photo by Jaxnblvd)


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