Expectations Monday (4-24-17)

Happy Monday. How are you today? How are you really doing? Don’t forget that it’s ok to admit when you aren’t doing that great. It gives you the opportunity to acknowledge those buried feelings that are bogging you down.

Something that has been bogging me down lately is all the many expectations that I have. I expect my kids to cheerfully get ready for school in a timely manner without getting sidetracked. I expect my house to clean itself, one can dream right. I expect my dog to not rush the door when people come over. I expect my family to joyfully eat every meal I prepare then jump up enthusiastically and without being reminded help with dishes. I expect my hair to stay perfectly in place the way I imagine it. I expect to consistently reach all the goals I’ve set for myself. And the list goes on and on. Quite frankly it’s gotten out of control. 

I heard a quote “Expectation is the mother of all frustration.” This was a major epiphany to me. With all the expectations I’ve set for myself and others and life no wonder I so easily get frustrated. I’m just so tired of it. I hate feeling annoyed with my family. I’m sick of being frustrated with myself all the time. And I am so very sad that it weakens relationships.

 A few weeks back I talked about how I’m trying to change and become a more pleasant person. “You become if you do.” I’m getting a little impatient that I’m not becoming as quickly as I want to become. Expectations. Stupid stinkin expectations and that nagging inner dialogue. 

So here’s the million dollar question… How do I lesson these many expectations? What do I do to stop the constant demands? How do I lesson the frustrations and annoyances I feel?

These aren’t rhetoric questions. I’m really searching for some solutions. Other than acknowledging what I’m doing and constantly telling myself it’s ok I really can’t think of anything else. So what do you do? Do you have any ideas or things that help you?

I could blame this all on the lack of sleep I’ve experienced lately. (Expecting my baby to sleep peacefully through the night even though he is teething like mad.) But that’s not owning my choices. Because it is a choice. Sometimes a hard one and definitely harder for some people then others. I’d say this is definitely a hard one for me. Maybe a good nap will help me have a different perspective that will give me the answers I’m looking for. Here’s to hoping. 

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful week dear friends. I think of you daily and hope you know I care. 




2 thoughts on “Expectations Monday (4-24-17)

  1. Expectations are a funny thing. I thinks it’s good to have a few healthy expectations. They can help drive us to do better and be better people. However, like you said, if they are set to an unacheivable level, then we will fail every time. The balance is hard to find because there are too many outside influences to factor in. But we can factor some of them.
    It’s all about making and breaking habits. I struggle with this so forgive me if I have trouble explaining. It’s like me trying to lose weight. I read so many blogs and Posts about how people have easily lost weight and so I have that same expectations going in. My problem is not having enough information. Best results come with time and healthy eating habits and exercise. In the past I’ve tried only one at a time and expected the same results as those who have blogged it. But I am not them and I need to do all three in order to achieve what I want and yet I still will not have the same results as anyone else. The key in all of this is that any changes we try to make in life takes patience and not quitting. Making it into a habit. Creating good habits and the breaking bad ones. And patience!! Lots and lots of patience!!


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