Becoming Monday (3-27-17)

Hello friends,

I don’t know about you but I am loving spring. I rode my bike with my kids to school today. It was lovely. And baby loved his first bike ride. He was so cute sitting in his little bike chair attachment thing wearing his tiny helmet. 

Lately I’ve been really trying to change. I want to be a happier more pleasant person. I want to stop the negative dialogue. I want to end the hyperfocusing on the things I can’t change. I want to stop criticizing. In general I want to be more pleasant. (Because, seriously, that inner dialogue can be brutal.)

Years ago I ended up with a book shelf my brother had built and painted. On the back he wrote in paint several Korean figures. All these years I have wondered what it was he wrote. Recently my neice got engaged and her fiancé knows Korean. I totally took advantage and had him translate for me. Along with writing his name and some other random words my brother wrote “You become if you do”. No wonder my brother chose this quote to write in paint on the back of a bookshelf in Korean. It’s awesome. I love it. This simple proverb has given me hope and determination on my quest towards pleasantness. 

“You become if you do.” You become a pianist if you practice the piano. You become a cyclist if you ride your bike. I can become a happy person if I practice being happy. If I do it I will become it. 

This has also given me peace knowing and hoping that if I read with my kids they will become readers. If I work with my kids they will become workers. If I laugh with my kids they will become laughers or maybe clowns. If I pray with my kids they will start to pray for themselves. 

I was at Costco today and overheard a man respond to a how are you. What was his response? “Perfect”. How great is that? Nobody really is perfect but what a wonderful way to try and become. 

I have hope and I think that is the first step in doing what I want to become. What is it you want to become? What do you do to change? How do you keep yourself going and moving forward?

My friends, please have a wonderful week. Whether it ends fabulously or not know that you are loved. Life is hard but you are definitely not alone.  




One thought on “Becoming Monday (3-27-17)

  1. Simple, yet profound. “I am happy, because I choose to be”. In an attempt to be real with others about myself, I think I may have diminished my happiness. Instead of answering like the gentleman above, when asked, I usually say “I’m fine/ok/tired…” which is truthful, but it doesn’t have to be my only truth. I can also be happy/great/wonderful/blessed… because there is always something in my life that are those things. It’s all about perspective. Thank you for helping me to see that!
    I love you my friend! 😘


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