Falling on my butt Monday (3-13-17)

Good morning!

Spring is in the air and I am ready to spend an entire week not doing the normal school routine thing. It’s spring break! 

We started our break by taking J snowboarding. He did great, especially for his first time ever even being in that much snow. Me,  well, I’ll just say I didn’t do as well. Picture for a minute a grown adult struggle to strap on a snowboard, stumble and trip  trying to get up, wobble and shake getting the dang board to start moving then almost instantly fall, smack onto their butt. That was me, every single time. 

I fell down the bunny hill through my entire 2 hour lesson. After a little break I tried again. I made it about 2 feet before falling, for the umpteenth time, and decided I was done. What’s funny about that is the others were waiting at the bottom of the hill for me to come down which I never did.  I had much more fun watching my hubby and my son then I did bruising my bum. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time (when I wasn’t trying to pull myself up after another fall). Even though I came home bruised, sore and sunburned I would go back in a heartbeat…to cheer on my loved ones from a very safe distance. 

I  decided that I’m just a much better observer than I am a doer. And that goes for pretty much everything. At this very moment I’m sitting in the grass at the park watching my kids have a grand old time. Actually they keep asking to go home but I’m determined to not let them sit in front of the tv our entire spring break, only part of it. 

So I’m an observer. I would rather read a book then play a game. In fact I enjoy games much better when I watch people play. That way I can actually laugh with them and at them and not have major anxiety. Kind of  like snowboarding. 

I really don’t know where I’m going with all this. Maybe I just need a moment to laugh at my embarrassment. Did I mention my horribly sunburned nose and forhead? I have an excellent ski mask tan line.  AND I had to speak in church the very next morning with that awful rudolf nose and clown smile. Maybe I just want to acknowledge that I’ve become ok with being an observer. The world needs all kinds of people, right? And maybe I’m using my “observer” status as an excuse to sit back and tune out the world for a little bit. Whatever the reason I choose to share this, those are my thoughts and I hope you got a little chuckle over my awkwardness. 

What are your plans to celebrate this glorious spring? If your still dealing with shoveling snow, I’m so sorry. It’ll warm up one of these days. And how are you really doing? Don’t forget that you are in my thoughts. I love you and I’m cheering you on. Hang in there. You are amazing.




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