Fueling Monday (2-20-17)

Hello friends. How are you today? How are you really? I hope you say “happy”. 

I have a theory. We know that emotions are meant to be released.  They stay festered inside until we acknowledge them. My thought is that happiness is so fleeting because it’s an emotion we release quickly. We smile, we laugh, we release our joy. 

I learned something recently.  It takes 90 seconds for emotions to leave your blood stream if you don’t fuel them. Maybe we unnecessarily fuel those negative emotions that bring us down and forget to fuel the good ones. 

There is a quote by Marjorie Pay Hinckley that I just love.                   “I choose to laugh, crying gives me a headache.”

Crying is natural to me. It comes whether I like it or not. Laughing, not so much. I honestly have to work to laugh. How lame is that? My husband is great at laughing. Especially if someone gets hurt (mean right?) Because of that our kids are pretty great at bouncing back after a scrape or bruise. And better yet, they can laugh at themselves. 

90 seconds before emotions leave your blood stream if you don’t fuel them. 

Going back to what I said about happiness being fleeting. To add to my theory, I believe that when we really release and let go of those nasty feelings the memory of them seems to fade. For example, after having a baby you remember that it hurt but you don’t feel it anymore. I think the opposite is true of happiness and joy and gratitude. They might initially go quickly BUT when we remember those good feelings we actually feel them again. 

My mom once gave me a gratitude journal. The idea was to write everyday something that you are grateful for and as you do so you become a more grateful person. The same works for the journal I keep of the funny things my kids do and say. When I remember to write down the silly things they do I feel that initial joy again and I become a more joyful mother (sometimes). 

If we fuel joy and happiness than that 90 seconds of emotions in our blood stream will actually last longer. And even better if we stop and remember those past moments of joy and happiness we get to feel them again and again and again. How cool is that?! 

Unless my theory is just a theory and not really accurate I think it’s pretty amazing. 

So, the goal is to fuel those good moments so they aren’t so fleeting. And as we fuel them they will someday burn brighter than the bad ones. 

I hope your week is bright. I hope you can remember to fuel those good feelings (and douse the bad). I’m routing for you to shine brightly. 




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