Sleepy Monday (2-13-17)


How are you today? Did you have an amazing weekend. I hope so. If not, no worries, there will be another one in a few days.

Today I am so tired. Actually, I have been so overly tired for awhile now. And my J has been tired too. He was so tired today I kept him home from school and then I did a little research on fatigue. Here’s a few things I learned…

Fatigue is:                                          Lack of motivation, lack of energy, wearing out easily, real

Fatigue isn’t:                                            Lack of passion, laziness, just being tired, fake or imagined

I also learned that increasing your vitamin B, magnesium and potassium intake can help overcome fatigue. Some good foods that are high in magnesium are: raw spinach, nuts and seeds, fish, beans and lentils, whole grains, avocados, low-fat dairy, bananas, dried fruit and dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate. Did you get that last one? Chocolate! Yes, I think I could definitely go for some of that.

There are more health benefits to dark chocolate than just fatigue. Some of them are: improves brain function, reduces stress and surprisingly, good for your teeth!

I’m suddenly not as tired. I’m feeling highly motivated. Motivated to find (and eat) some (a lot) of chocolate. (It may or may not be dark.)

My mood is also more on the happier side. With Valentine’s Day being tomorrow I will be able to raid my kids’ stash of treats. I highly suggest you do so also. And if you don’t have grade school kids don’t feel ashamed of buying yourself a nice chocolate treat. It’s ok to show yourself a little love. Besides, chocolate helps fight fatigue and reduces stress. Technically dark chocolate. Thankfully,  those assorted chocolates boxes usually have a few pieces of dark chocolate.

I read a quote today that said, “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first .”

So, let’s all get some rest, be kind to ourselves and fill up on that chocolate!

Please, have a wonderful week. You are important, you are special, you are so loved and you are never alone.




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