Don’t know about you Monday (1-16-2017)

Don’t you just hate it when your well thought out plans fall through? When you make a decision and work towards that goal and then things change and you’re left wondering, “now what?” You can keep doing what you’ve been doing for a little while but sooner than later you have to make a choice and change directions. I find it even more challenging when you feel so strongly that the direction you were heading was exactly where you were supposed to be then all of a sudden your not so sure anymore. My husband likes to say, “there’s nothing like no choice to help you make a decision.” Those are the decisions I like, the ones with very few options. It’s easy to choose what to eat when I’m at In n Out because they have three options. Cheese, no cheese or double double. Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. But when I go out to eat and there’s a five page menu, forget about it. Making a decision with all those options is a killer.

So we had a plan. A good, solid plan. But all of a sudden I’m not so sure about it. Now what? I really dislike not having a plan. I don’t like not being sure of where I am going when there are so many changes around me. I feel unsettled, ungrounded. I can deal with changes much easier when I have a goal.

What do you do when you feel turned around? Do you like to have plans or do you prefer to make life up as it goes?

I do know that things have a way of working out. So, on that note, have a great week! Do something that makes you happy then go and do something that makes someone else happy.




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