How are you Monday?

Years ago I read a book where the daughter described how she received a phone call every Sunday from her parents. She looked forward to these phone calls because it gave her parents the opportunity of catching up with the entire family. But what she loved and looked forward to even more than her Sunday phone calls was her Monday phone calls. Dad and Mom called on Sunday but Mom called on Monday. “How are you really doing?” was the question her mother always asked. 

About six weeks ago my niece reached out to me. At the end of our conversation I asked what I could do for her. “Just check up on me every once in awhile.”

As I was reflecting on our conversation I started making a mental list of other people I wanted to check up on. My list grew and grew. I kept thinking of all my family and friends. Thinking of their struggles and daily challenges. Thinking of my challenges and how they have been lightened from the simplest act of a friend acknowledging me. I so wanted to find a way to reach out. 

That’s when I remembered the Monday morning “how are you really doing” phone calls. I suddenly knew a way to let all the people I love know that I love them and to tell those who are feeling alone that they are not. That next Monday I began. I sent an email to every single person I could think of who might want/need/appreciate someone asking “how are you really doing”. 

And so it began. Monday emails.  Encouraging emails. Thoughtful emails. How are you emails. And now, how are you blogs. 

This is me checking in. This is me asking “how are you really doing?”                            This is “How Are You Monday”. 


6 thoughts on “How are you Monday?

  1. Haven’t we all had the urge to call someone and see how they are really doing from time to time. Your writing is beautiful and has touched me. I enjoyed this post and the one on having a plan was really timely also. You are on to something my beautiful friend, keep it up!


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