We wish you a merry Monday and a happy new year (12-26-16)

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and found peace in all situations. 

 How was your Christmas (and probably stressful week leading up to it). I had a great Christmas. I especially loved that it was on Sunday and my family and I were able to go to church and focus on the Savior and his sacred birth. During church we sang a beautiful version of Oh Holy Night. I almost instantly broke into tears. I sat in church (leaning on my hand and hiding behind my hair) as I sobbed. Oh Holy Night is a special song for me and my family. It is the song my brother sang opera style loudly and enthusiastically all. the. time. Year round we were serenaded with Oh Holy Night. When my brother passed away almost nine years ago and we were asked what song we wanted to sing at his funeral we all said without hesitation “Oh Holy Night”. 

 I think I was so emotional because I have been very focused on my friends and family who are also missing someone they love. Over the past couple of months I have had several friends who have experienced loss and my heart hurts for them. I feel with them the sadness that comes when celebrating without them. But, with the birth of Jesus Christ came the promise and hope of being with them again and that is reason to celebrate and find joy. 

 So, my dear dear friends, I hope and pray you will feel my love for you and more importantly Heavenly Father’s love for you. I also hope this week will be filled with fun and joy!

You are not alone and you are loved so very much. 




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