Happy new Monday (1-2-17)

Happy New Year!
How was your 2016? What are your big plans for 2017? Did you have a good Christmas and New Years? Are you ready to get back to real life? 

We had a great holiday break. My kids loved being with our family and cousins so much that going back to school today was quite the ordeal. (I don’t blame them. It was miserable enough being the one getting them out the door.) 

But really, I worry. If it was that rough at home what is the rest of their day going to look like? As soon as they hopped on their bikes and pedaled off I said a prayer. I prayed that they would have a good day. It’s been a few hours and I’m still worried and still praying that they will have a good day and I’m bracing myself for when they come home and dump all their frustrations on me. 

So, what if it’s a bad day? Does that mean my prayer wasn’t answered? And is it really possible for every single day to be a good day? Chances are it will be a rough week. And life is crazy. Most days are just days with a little bit of good sprinkled here and there mixed in with large doses of bad. Do I really want my kids to have a good day every single day? No. What I really want is for my kids to learn something about themselves. To grow. To be stretched. To become better. Although it would be so nice to hear them say, “I had a good day”, everyday, the fact is they are growing and changing and I want to see them become the best little versions of themselves possible. To do that they have to overcome those bad days. So maybe, instead of praying that they will have a good day I should pray for them to learn how to get through their day. And I definitely need to pray that I will learn and grow with them. 

So, I pray that you will learn something today and everyday that will help you battle your way through this life. You are strong, you are important, you are so very loved, you have something special to do that only you can do. 

I love you,



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