Happy, Happy Monday (12-12-16)

Happy happy Monday!
 Hello, I hope you all woke up this morning refreshed and ready to start a new week. I had to laugh this morning after getting home from taking the kids to school. When I shut the back door of Damon’s truck a few shards of glass fell from the broken window. (The window broke last weekend while we were pulling our 5th wheel trailer to California. But don’t worry, it is expertly covered in card board and duct tape!) The reason I was driving his truck is because my car battery died yesterday (wouldn’t start for church and had to have friends come pick us up) and was hooked up to the battery charger. Now, $150 later I have a new car battery and am ready to go. Which is “funny” because Volks Wagon is buying our car back in a few weeks because of their emissions scandal and here we are spending money on said car. Amidst all that, I had a good laugh. Really, the card board window is reason to laugh in and of itself. (Although, I don’t think Damon is laughing. I mean he’s the one that has to drive the card board window truck AND he’s the one late for work because my car needed a new battery!)

 So, I am sending you this email because you are on my mind. I’m checking in to see how you are really doing. This will be a weekly thing so if you want out just let me know. Or if you know someone who wants in please pass on their info. 

 Last week wasn’t so good for me. One thing I struggled with was sleeping. Who’s with me? Wide awake at 3 AM even though my baby is sleeping peacefully. Grrrrr…

 What do you do when you can’t turn off your mind and force your eyes to stay shut? 

 I really don’t think there is a fail proof answer for that. Although I would love your suggestions, every little bit helps! But I do think it gives us a reason to slow down a little. I, sometimes, find myself sitting and just being with my kids more. Sometimes during those long sleepless hours I have some really great thoughts. Most of the time I’m pretty grumpy after a night (or nightssss) like that. But if I find something good to think about I can sometimes drag myself through the day with a little more ease. 

 So, here’s a thought for the day/week. It’s something my mom always had hanging in our house as a kid. When she started teaching school recently she added it to her classroom. I love it and have thought about it many times I just need to remember it more often. So here it is and please, please, please know that you are loved. You are not alone. You are important with something meaningful to do today.

“Each morning comes the way you take it. 

The day becomes the kind you make it.”

Let’s make it a good day. 




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